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How to Find Who Is a Good Dentist in Ohio

If you are new to the Westerville area, you may be searching for a good dentist.  Or perhaps you are not new, but you haven’t yet found the right place for your family’s dental needs.  Finding a great dentist can take some time.  Here are some tips to help you in your search.

Read Online Reviews

In our “age of information”, you can learn so much about a business by reading their online reviews.  People are generally free with their opinions and experiences when leaving a review for a dentist.  By reading about others’ experiences in a dental office, you can begin to get a feel for their atmosphere.  If you notice a commonality among the reviews, that many people are complimenting the office on the same thing, you can trust that you are likely to have a similar experience.

Look for mentions of knowledgeable staff, clean facilities with advanced technology, and caring practitioners, especially the providing dentists!

At Serene Smiles, we are thrilled to report a 5-star rating on both Google and Yelp from our patients of the greater Columbus, Westerville, Gahanna, and New Albany areas.

Assess the Practice’s Website

A dental practice website contains a lot of important information that can help you get a feel for the office and give you a better understanding of what you can expect from a visit.  The website itself also can give you a feel of what to expect.  For example, if the site is rudimentary and relatively undeveloped, that may correspond to a dentist practicing in an older facility without new advances in materials and technology.  A great dentist will have a website that communicates the excellence they strive for every single day.

Information about the Dentist’s Education and Additional Training

Most dental practice websites contain bios explaining the important things you need to know about the dentists working there.  Look for advanced education and mention of additional training the dentist has undergone.  Memberships in various professional organizations show a commitment to lifelong learning.  When the dentist’s name is followed by more than just the initials DDS or DMD, that means they have undergone additional schooling or achieved specific awards in dentistry.  These all are evidence of a professional who remains committed to excellence.

Communication about the Practice Philosophy

Every dentist has his or her own personal preferences and philosophies on practicing dentistry.  Some choose to focus on cosmetics while others devote their time to restoring fully functioning teeth.  A family dentist loves providing oral healthcare to all ages.  Conservative or preventive dentists want to help you stop dental problems before they start.  The website should explain the foundational philosophy guiding the doctor’s practice of dentistry.

The Use of Advanced Technology in the Office

Advanced technology is a way for your dentist to provide you with dental care that is safer, more efficient, and more comfortable.  When a dentist invests in advanced technology, she is able to gather more information with less risk, provide safer and faster procedure techniques, and maintain your level of comfort throughout.  Dentistry is rapidly changing with the use of 3D imaging, CAD/CAM technology, intraoral scanning, and 3D printing.  All of these advances make patient care more predictable.

Speak with Dental Specialists in the Westerville, OH, Area

Even in a metropolitan area like Columbus, the dental community is a relatively small one.  One great way to learn about great dentists in the area is to ask the specialists, including orthodontists and oral surgeons, for their recommendations.  Family dentists work with a variety of specialists in the area to provide patients with the highest level of care.  This relationship between specialists and family dentists is one that can help you make a decision when you are searching for a dentist.

“Interview” the Office

The initial phone call can give you a great feel for the way the office runs.  Ideally, you should find yourself speaking with someone who is friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful.  A receptionist or administrative assistant who asks detailed questions usually means they work in an office that treats patients as the unique individuals they are, instead of just a number.  When the person you are speaking with on the phone is patient in answering your questions, you can expect the rest of the staff to interact with you in a similar fashion.  They should communicate clearly and give you details regarding your visit.

Ask for a Tour

For many who are anxious about dental visits, it can be helpful to schedule a time to visit the office without having any dental treatment.  You can gain a sense of familiarity and comfort when you tour the office ahead of time.  Then when you do return for any treatment, you are no longer in a strange place with new people.

Touring the office can give you a sense of the daily operations.  Do the team members seem to cooperate with one another?  Is it a pleasant atmosphere?  Is the office clean and comfortable?  Seeing the office when you are not in the dental chair can give you a boost of confidence to follow through with your dental visits, even when you feel anxiety about them.

More Questions about How to Find a Good Dentist in Westerville?

We would love to answer all of your questions about the type of dentistry we practice at Serene Smiles.  Providing each patient with a comfortable dental experience is our top priority.

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