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Something Bothering you about your smile?

Is there something about your smile bothering you?  Perhaps you have some gaps in between your teeth, or a tooth is discolored, or some minor decay is causing you to be self-conscious about your smile?

A composite tooth-colored material can be used to address all of these issues which will ‘bond’ to the tooth enamel.  This material is applied to teeth in sequential layers. Each layer is brushed into placed and “hardened” with exposure to a harmless, high-intensity light.

Once the final layer is applied and hardened, the tooth is gently polished and sculpted. In less than sixty minutes, patients walk out the door with a perfect smile they can be proud to show off!

How long does dental bonding last?

On average 4 to 8 years depending on the habits of the patient in terms of chewing or eating.

Does bonding cause any damage to teeth?

A composite resin is used so it isn’t as strong as your natural teeth but there are no major risks to your teeth.

Will I have any sensitivity or issue with eating after bonding?

The fact is bonding can actually help decrease your sensitivity.  Eating after should not be an issue as well.

If you live in Westerville, Gahanna or New Albany and are unhappy with any part of your smile please give Serene Smiles a call at 614-568-3909 for a consultation.

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