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How to Find Who Is a Good Dentist in Ohio

If you are new to the Westerville area, you may be searching for a good dentist.  Or perhaps you are not new, but you haven’t yet found the right place for your family’s dental needs.  Finding a great dentist can take some time.  Here are some tips to help you in your search. Read Online

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Four Health Problems a Dental Exam Can Reveal

One of the most dangerous myths that people believe about their health is that the mouth is separate from the rest of the body.  We can understand why this is the case since oral healthcare is traditionally separated from the rest of the body by the distinction between dentistry and medicine.  It is often mistakenly

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Dental Insurance Benefits: Why You Should Make an Appointment before the End of the Year

Dental insurance can be confusing.  Each plan is unique and offers slightly different benefits, and you even receive different benefits at different dental offices.  One thing is relatively universal among dental insurance benefits: they expire! Typical dental insurance plans provide a certain dollar amount as a “maximum” of benefits on a yearly basis.  Because these

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