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Comprehensive List of Dental Services We Provide

General Family Dentistry

General & Family Dentistry

A tranquil, relaxing dental experience for patients of all ages.

Pediatric Dentistry

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children have their first dental appointment before their first birthday.

Fillings & Sealants

Tooth decay can result in a cavity which will need to be filled to restore the integrity and beauty of the tooth.


If one or more of your teeth has been broken or badly damaged by decay, your dentist may decide that removing the tooth is the best option.

Root Canals

Do you experience severe pain while chewing? What about lingering tooth sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures?

Nitrous Sedation

Nitrous Oxide is one of the most powerful tools our staff uses to ensure a calm, relaxing and pain-free experience.

TMJ Treatment & Mouthguards

Often caused by arthritis, injury or teeth grinding, TMJ disorders can make simple tasks like eating or speaking very uncomfortable.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Kick back and relax your way to a gorgeous new smile.

Teeth Whitening

The professional cosmetic whitening procedures performed at Serene Smiles are more effective and last much longer than any over-the-counter whitening products you might find


If one or more of your teeth has been chipped, fractured or is discolored from years of wear, cosmetic bonding could be your key to a gorgeous new smile.

Dental Crowns

If you’re looking to rejuvenate your smile and improve the overall appearance of your teeth, your dentist may suggest getting a crown.


These small husk-like casings that serve to protect, restore and replace damaged teeth are virtually invisible and their porcelain covering matches the color of teeth organically.

Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry

Enhance the natural beauty of your teeth and regain a youthful smile.

Dental Crowns

Are you looking to strengthen and extend the life of a broken or damaged tooth? A crown might be the best option for you.

Periodontal Care

If you suffer from periodontal disease, you’re not alone. It’s estimated that over half of American adults have some form of gum disease, like gingivitis.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are quickly becoming a popular choice for patients looking for a permanent alternative to dentures.


If you are missing a few teeth, your confidence can suffer as well as your diet and overall health. At Serene Smiles, we offer custom dentures to help you look and feel your best.


Aditi Savla, D.D.S.

A graduate of The Ohio State University, Dr. Savla combines worldly experience with a caring touch. To her, patients are just like family – and she’ll do her best to make you feel right at home.

Meet Diane Ehrbar

Diane Ehrbar, D.D.S.

Dr. Ehrbar has been treating patients for over 30 years and remains at the top of her field in the dental industry. As a graduate of The Ohio State University, you’re in great hands with Dr. Ehrbar!

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